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FinEst Link News

New survey of the Helsinki–Tallinn railway tunnel route 20.02.2017

Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) conducted acoustic-seismic surveys of the possible linings for an undersea railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn. The report was commissioned by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.


Consultants chosen to study feasibility of Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel 13.02.2017

The FinEst Link project is a cooperation between Finland and Estonia in examining the development of the transport link and the feasibility of a railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn. The bodies to perform the consultancy work for this EU funded project have now been selected and the results are to be expected during 2017.


From Helsinki to Tallinn in 30 minutes 28.09.2016

Junarata, kuva Tuula Palaste-Eerola
Helsinki and Tallinn together form an economic region of approximately 1,5 million inhabitants. The economic and social interaction and mobility of people between the two cities is continuously and strongly increasing. The cities have potential to develop into a fully integrated twin-city concept. A 90 km long railway tunnel would cut the travel time between Helsinki and Tallinn down to 30 minutes.


Implementation of Helsinki–Tallinn tunnel to be studied with EU funding 15.06.2016

The implementation opportunities of the Helsinki–Tallinn tunnel will be studied by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council together with its partners with the help of EU funding. The EU funding for the Central Baltic Programme was confirmed on 14th June. The two-year project will examine the tunnel project in terms of technology, economy and competitiveness.


Finland and Estonia speeding up the transport process 07.01.2016

Berner ja Michal 5.1.2016
In January 2016 Finland and Estonia represented by their Ministers responsible for transport development signed a Memorandum of Understanding to speed up the process of testing the vision of a fixed link.