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Smart specialisation strategy highlights resource wisdom

Sustainable development goals, ambitious climate targets and a sustainable grow thare the basis for our overall research and innovation activities in the region. These activities naturally call for resources, and therefore, resource wisdom is highlighted in our smart specialization strategy for Helsinki-Uusimaa.

To us, resource wisdom means using our innovation, economic, environmental and social resources in a deliberate way to create sustainable growth in the best possible way. In our prudent and proactive use of these resources we are consequently furthering well-being and sustainable development.

Smart City + Smart Countryside = Smart Region

Smart Specialisation is an innovation policy, enabling our region to recognize its own strengths and to emphasize them in efforts and investments. The umbrella theme for our activities is “Resource-wise Helsinki-Uusimaa”. In this way, we can fruitfully bring together our actors from both the cities and the countryside for impactful activities in research and innovation.

Smart specialisation is an increasingly influential concept and an essential part of European regional and structural policy. Funding is allocated to the spearheads of development activities, which are found in the smart specialisation strategy for our region.

With this innovation strategy, our region will keep its position as Europe’s leading innovation area, while also aiming to be among the best resource-wise regions.

Helsinki Smart Region promotes smart activities

The Helsinki Smart Region showcases the most innovative and interesting projects, companies and ideas in Helsinki-Uusimaa. It brings together various stakeholders such as business, cities, public sector, research, education centres, start-ups and the citizen. We call the international community to join us and to create smart innovations together.

Our aim is to increase the effects of the innovative potential found in the region and to create international partnerships and establish different forms of EU cooperation. The website is used to link new partners from all over Europe.

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This page was last updated: 23.4.2024