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Well Ahead set out as vision of Regional Programme

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Programme sets out our region’s vision for 2030 and outlines the development priorities, objectives and measures for 2022–2025. The vision is “Well Ahead”, and the Programme includes the key development guidelines and strategies from the global level to the municipal level.

Well ahead means we take responsibility for mitigating climate change and promoting wellbeing that includes less inequality, also enabling economic development that makes us the most innovative region in the EU.

Our Programme seeks to send, both within the region and outside it, a unified message about our vision. This Programme intends to give our region the confidence boost it needs.

By many metrics, we are a bold forerunner compared to other regions in Finland. We aim to strengthen our current position with this Regional Programme and remain Well Ahead in the future, too. 

In 2030, Helsinki-Uusimaa will be Well Ahead:  

  • In climate change mitigation: Our objective is to be a climate neutral region in 2030.  
  • In economic competitiveness: Our objective is to increase Helsinki-Uusimaa’s research and development expenditure to 5 per cent of the region’s gross domestic product.  
  • In wellbeing: Our objective is to achieve an employment rate of 80 per cent in Helsinki-Uusimaa by the end of 2030. 

Each of these three priorities has three objectives with detailed measures.  

Programme with partnership as its keyword

This Regional Programme has been made for the people of Helsinki-Uusimaa, with partnership as its keyword. The key partners that have drawn up the Programme together with us at the Regional Council include municipalities, universities, upper secondary schools, civil society organisations, business organisations and many other development bodies. We are implementing it in cooperation and through projects, interests’ promotion and partnerships.

The task of our Regional Council is to bring different views together and deepen cooperation to ensure that the Programme objectives are achieved. Joint development can meet complex challenges and create new ideas, but we also need a strong commitment from all partners.

The regional development in Finland is guided by the Acts issued on regional development and on the implementation of EU regional and structural policy.

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