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Scandria Alliance and CPMR: Spotlight on the resilience of the transport system

Local and regional representatives of the Scandria Alliance and the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission, together with EU and national representatives, met in Helsinki on 6-7 November to discuss the implications of the new geopolitical context on transport and infrastructures in the Baltic Sea Region and wider Europe.



Helsinki-Uusimaa is the Finnish leader in Horizon Europe participation

Helsinki-Uusimaa Region has acquired over 400 million euros of EU funding from EU’s top research and innovation (R&I) funding programme Horizon Europe in 2021-23. Helsinki-Uusimaa Region has received more Horizon Europe funding than all other Finnish regions combined.



Helsinki-Uusimaa focusing on EU-level Research and Innovation

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Region is known for its activities in international research and innovation. The Region aims to strengthen its top expertise and the EU-level investments given for research, development and innovation, RDI. There is an interest to become a Regional Innovation Valley, as well.



Tuija Telén new Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Mayor

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Assembly has elected Tuija Telén (M.Sc) as the new Regional Mayor. When elected to the office, she is the City Mayor for Karkkila - a position she has held since 2018.



Janne Leino new Head of Helsinki EU Office in Brussels 

Janne Leino (M.A.) has started in his position as the new Head of the Helsinki EU Office in Brussels. Mr Leino, with a strong international career, has previously worked for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), where he coordinated the interests’ promotion of a network with more than one hundred offices in Brussels.



Helsinki Smart Region continuously an Innovation Leader

In the bi-yearly edition of the Regional Innovation Scoreboard published in July 2023, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region holds the overall position of the second most innovative region in Europe. Innovation performance of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region has increased over time by 18%.



Entrepreneurs’ Vitality Barometer: Helsinki-Uusimaa the most vital region in Finland

Entrepreneurs find the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region the most vital in Finland. The second most vital region is that of Pirkanmaa, surrounding Tampere, and Ostrobothnia is the 3rd in ranking. The opinions of regional entrepreneurs were asked in a barometer. Three categories were measured: networking, leadership and decision-making.



Helsinki-Uusimaa Award 2024 – Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development 

With the Helsinki-Uusimaa Award, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council wants to offer a reward with the themes Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development. This time the reward is given for activities furthering cooperation, culture and an ecologically more sustainable way of life in the region.



Cities and regions demanding amendments to EU Nature Restoration Law

The largest cities in Finland, most of its Regional Councils and the Association of Finnish Municipalities have expressed their serious concern about Article 6 of the EU Nature Restoration Law, currently under preparation. A shared statement with a comprehensive list of signatories, with suggested amendments to the draft regulation, has been given to be used by the current government formation negotiators in our country. Advocacy work is also continuously carried out in Brussels.



Threat of increasing urban sprawl by EU Nature Restoration Law 

The larger cities and towns in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, along with the Regions of Southern Finland want to make an impact on the Article 6 in the suggested EU Nature Restoration Law by sharing their proposals for amendments. In its current wording, the Article would significantly complicate sustainable growth in Finnish cities and towns. It would in fact, on the contrary to its aim, lead to urban sprawl harmful for both nature and climate.



Regions4Climate tests innovations to accelerate climate adaptation in the EU

The Regions4Climate project brings together 44 partners from twelve different European regions to demonstrate innovations that enhance societal resilience to the impacts of climate change, in line with the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Region is one of the partner regions.