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LuoTo – Action Plan for ecological transition in cultural and creative sectors

The LuoTo project works holistically to facilitate the sustainability transition in cultural and creative sectors by bringing together various sustainability projects and by offering check marks on the way to a sustainable low-carbon future.

Sectors accelerating sustainability transition

The LuoTo Action Plan for ecological sustainability transition is paving the way for creating a sustainable future. The most important observations in the sustainability projects in cultural and creative sectors have been put together in the action plan, along with the challenges of climate work and recommendations for a speedier sustainability transition in these sectors.

This project aims at highlighting the role of cultural and creative sectors in accelerating the sustainability transition, as well as possible connections between sustainable solutions in these industries.

Find out more in this publication (in Finnish):

LuoTo supporting sustainability

There is certainly a need for actors in cultural and creative sectors to develop their sustainability expertise. To start climate work, support is needed either as expert services from professionals in sustainability, or as more resources offered to develop the sustainability expertise of actors.

The continuation project of LuoTo that started in December 2023 will meet these needs by enabling tailored learning, networking events for a stronger expertise and by creating a mentoring system to strengthen peer learning 2024–2025.

This continuation project is being carried out by structural grants funded by the European Union, Next Generation EU. It is granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Apart from the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council; Creasus ry (Association for developing circular economy in creative industry) is taking part in the project.

LuoTo started in August 2022

In the beginning, the project gathered info about the current situation, surveyed activities requested for sustainability targets. An action plan for ecological transition for creative industry was created in cooperation with different fields. In a sustainability transition, all fields of society are rapidly adjusting their activities to the limits of the carrying capacity to slow down the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

The action plan and toolbox that will be created in this project will strengthen the preparedness of the actors for a sustainability transition, and to measure the impact of measures. There are many actors in the creative line of business. Half of the Finnish workplaces in cultural and creative sectors is found in Helsinki-Uusimaa.

Funding for actors in cultural and creative sectors, like that granted by funds, is essential for the possibility to take sustainable procedures into use. To ministeries and other important financiers the LuoTo project offers current information on how the sustainability targets can be reached. The sustainability activities of the industries will be accelerated when the most beneficial objects are getting resources. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Creasus ry, MyStash, the Ministry of the Environment, Uniarts Helsinki and Aalto University. The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Education and Culture are funding this project.

In August 2022 a pilot project called LuoTo started in Helsinki-Uusimaa. It has received funding from the grants offered to municipalities for climate and circular economy projects.

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