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Regional Land Use Plans are long-term guidelines

Our regional land use plans set out the principles of land use and the community structure in Helsinki-Uusimaa. They define the use of areas needed for specific purposes, along with the principles of urban structure.

These plans are long-term plans and guidelines for our member municipalities when they are drawing up and amending local master plans, as well as local detailed plans. We make our land use plan concrete by a map with a land use classification indicating a desirable future, also including a written statement.

Every regional land use plan is drafted by a regional council and approved by its assembly. The land use planning in Finland is defined in the Land Use and Building Act.

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Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Land Use Plan 2050

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Land Use Plan 2050 covers almost the entire region. It has a time span until the year of 2050.

Our Regional Land Use Plan has the following four main targets:

The Plan has two different levels; firstly, a strategic structural plan for the entire Helsinki-Uusimaa, which is then completed by three phased regional land use plans. We have made these phased plans for the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, the Eastern and Western Uusimaa.

Our structure plan deals with the greater lines of the regional structures, which are the network of centres, the structures of densely populated areas, traffic connections and the most important green structural entities. This plan also includes an order in which development directions are to be focused upon. All regional land use plans deal with such issues that each region wants to especially focus upon.

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Other Regional Land Use Plans in force in Helsinki-Uusimaa

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