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EU competitive regions cooperating for doubled semiconductor production

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Region has joined the European Semiconductor Regions Alliance (ESRA), an alliance of European regions with proven semiconductor industries to promote the importance of the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. The alliance ESRA is committed to achieve the goal of the European Commission to increase Europe’s share of global chip production to 20 % by 2030.

ESRA was established at the initiative of the European Committee of the Regions and the German State of Saxony. It seeks to improve Europe’s ability to produce semiconductors, reduce the EU’s dependence on external countries, and promote the use of sustainable raw materials.

The Alliance combines forces from 27 regions in 12 member states, with Finland represented by the regions of Helsinki-Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa.

Its goal is to identify obstacles for the semiconductor industry to develop, support public and private investments, develop education and research, support the development of strong and resilient value chains. In its shared position paper, ESRA calls for a long-term EU contribution to the semiconductor production.  

First General Assembly in Dresden

Our Regional Mayor Ms Tuija Telén and Mr Janne Leino, Head of Helsinki EU Office in Brussels took part in the first ESRA General Assembly in Dresden at the end of May 2024.  The first General Assembly in Dresden was attended by over 100 participants from the member regions, who engaged in intensive dialogue on how to further strengthen the European semiconductor industry.  

– We take great pride in being part of this significant alliance, which fosters sustainable development and economic growth. Via ESRA, our Region has the possibility to directly influence the decision-making of both the European Commission and Parliament when it comes to acknowledging our strengths and needs, Ms Tuija Telén commented.

Helsinki-Uusimaa plays a pivotal role in this alliance for the semiconductor industry.  Our region’s robust expertise and advanced technology ecosystem, such as Kvanttinova – a joint initiative of VTT and Aalto University – are crucial in driving the development of the semiconductor industry.

– Advancing the semiconductor ecosystem in Helsinki-Uusimaa is essential and underscores our commitment to further the growth and competitiveness of Europe’s semiconductor industry, Ms Telén said.

ESRA cooperation enhances the influence of the Uusimaa region in Brussels, particularly with an eye on the upcoming European Commission and Parliament, which will decide the future direction and financial framework of the EU. According to the European Commission, Helsinki-Uusimaa is already the second most competitive region of the continent.

– It is in the benefit of the entire EU to have strong and competitive regions and cities that can compete globally, for example with the United States and China, as pointed out by Mr Janne Leino.

First position paper

A joint position paper was approved of at the General Assembly. ESRA wishes to strengthen the semiconductor industry in Europe, along the entire value chain and ensure a solid backbone of research and development.

In addition, the signatories confirm their intention to work more closely together in the area of vocational training in order to effectively address the shortage of skilled labour. 

For more information, please contact:

Tuija Telén

Regional Mayor

+358 40 801 6009

In charge of Council activities, finances and administration, preparation of items to be processed by Regional Board

Appointment bookings: Assistant Hanne Koljonen, phone: +358 40 552 3152

Janne Leino

Head of Helsinki EU Office

+32 4755 30 223

In charge of the Office

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