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Pending Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Programme aims at employment, vitality and well-being

The preparation of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Programme commenced in early 2021 and the programme is being built in active cooperation with regional actors. It is expected to be ready by the end of 2021 and will be valid 2022–2025.

– It aims at increasing employment, vitality and well-being. It includes the region’s most important goals to support regional strengths. Regional funding will be directed into the implementation of programme goals, states Senior Adviser, Ms Rosa Tuomi.

The programme is taking into consideration development alignments and strategies at both global & EU levels, as well as local, regional and national levels. It also brings together goals and activities of a national character, together with regional and structural EU policies. 

It includes goals and actions set for 2022-2025. In addition to these, long term effects of global trends are acknowledged. During Spring 2020 the strategy for smart specialisation supporting research and innovation (R&I) was updated.

Regional Programme in cooperation

International cooperation is essential for the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region and the region is undoubtedly the financial locomotive for Finland. In many European and international comparisons, you can find Helsinki-Uusimaa at the top. These top positions are connected to well-being, competitiveness, competence and innovations.

– International networks are especially important for creating something new and for sharing project results. By cooperating with international partners, we strive to increase the impact of various innovative activities, Ms Tuomi states.

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Programme is made in cooperation with the most significant regional development stakeholders. It is on the agenda during all phases of the preparation process, and the programme is regularly presented at the Regional Board and Regional Assembly.

Looking far into the future 

The starting point of the Regional Programme was created during Autumn 2020 and Winter 2021. In the report “Helsinki-Uusimaa Region 2050″, different future images for the next 30 years have been reflected upon.

A variety of useful ideas for the preparation have emerged from the compilation ‘Focusing Futures – Helsinki-Uusimaa Region 2050″, offering aspects from more than 70 experts.

For more information, please contact:

Outi Ervasti

Development Manager

+358 40 721 2131

Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Programme, employment and business policy, regional interests’ promotion, AKKE funding and Helsinki-Uusimaa Business Award. Deputising Eero Venäläinen as Director of Regional Development.

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