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Contact information

Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council,
Esterinportti 2 B, FI-00240 Helsinki, Finland
Email: office@uudenmaanliitto.fi
Tel: +358 9 4767 411

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Paula Autioniemi

Director, Regional Land Use Planning

+358 40 737 8050

In charge of regional land use planning

Seija Elo

Communications Manager

+358 40 533 5354

Media, municipality and interest group communication, website content editor

Juha Eskelinen

Interim Regional Mayor. Director, Regional Development

+358 40 575 2993

In charge of regional development work, Deputy Regional Mayor

Ossi Savolainen

Regional Mayor, on leave of absence

+358 40 589 8415

In charge of Council activities, finances and administration, preparation of items to be processed by Regional Board

Tero Suursalmi


+358 50 569 3391

Juridical questions, contract administration, risk management

Inka Tikkanen

Administrative Director

+358 40 554 5538

In charge of general and financial administration and human resources, decision-making support, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council's strategy

Eero Venäläinen

Head of EU and International Affairs

+358 40 525 1944

In charge of EU and International Affairs. Stand-in for Director of Regional Development, Mr Juha Eskelinen