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Regional Mayor Tuija Telén believes in strong cooperation and visions a splendid future for Helsinki-Uusimaa 

The Regional Mayor of Helsinki-Uusimaa, Ms Tuija Telén started in her position a couple of weeks ago. She wants to tell us about her visions for the region and its Regional Council. She emphasizes the regional strengths, which are built up by international focuses and competence networks. She also thinks the Regional Council has a strong role of bringing together actors for cooperation. As for describing herself, she is as a down-to-earth practical leader, who is preferring an open dialogue, along with clear policies.  

Regional Mayor due to expert organisation and internationality 

The last five years Ms Telén worked as the City Mayor for Karkkila in the northwest part of the region Helsinki-Uusimaa. The previous ten years before that, she worked for the city of Tampere – her latest position being the Director of Economic Development & PR. This working experience has given Ms Telén a solid base for her current position as Regional Mayor. She points out her previous experience in international activities and her leadership in expert organisations, which she finds are essential when working at our Regional Council.  

When applying for the regional mayorship, she saw a possibility to fulfil her passion to be a leader and developer of cooperation.  

–  I have both my feet on the ground, and I am a hands-on person. My background as an engineer has made me pragmatic and I wish for my discussions to be case-based, Ms Telén says.  

The strengths of Helsinki-Uusimaa, like the international touch, competence networks, innovation ecosystems and the regional importance for the entire country are highly praised by our new Regional Mayor.  

The most important directions for international cooperation are to be found within Europe, Ms Telén states. First and foremost, they are in Central Europe and in the Baltic Region, but Brussels and the EU are naturally not to be forgotten either. Other metropolitan regions are also worth mentioning.  

–  Overall, the international activities are vital for our region, she wants to remind everybody of. 

Regional strategic focus in right place 

The current strategy of the Regional Council is especially successful, and Ms Telén sees no current need for a change of course.  

– The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Programme offers us a well-defined strategic emphasis, and I am pleased it has such a clear focus. We recognise and take our responsibility for mitigating climate change and furthering well-being. There are both a vision and a mission, and our goals are clear. We are highly committed to reach these, Ms Telén adds.  

She wishes to emphasize the Council’s role as the furtherer and coordinator of network cooperation. Our Regional Mayor thinks the best way to cooperate is when all actors have a shared view of the future, and when everyone understands his or her own role in forwarding the activities to reach the goals that have been set together.  

She also believes her background as a City Mayor has given her a thorough understanding and acknowledgement of the needs that various municipalities have. She highlights her wish to work for a more fruitful cooperation with them. 

Regional roots of her own 

The City of Karkkila is where Ms Telén grew up. Being from Helsinki-Uusimaa means a lot to her, as she has also been living longer periods abroad. During all these years, it was the location that always remained her base in Finland. 

When asked about her favourite places in the region, the answer follows quickly and easily. 

– The first spots I think about are the fascinating nature routes to be found in Karkkila, because the forest, and nature in general are constant sources of energy for me, Ms Telén says. 

As personal characteristics, she emphasizes a positive attitude in life and a belief that everything will work out, sooner or later. Her plan to use her motorcycle for commuting between her home in Karkkila and her workplace in Pasila, Helsinki next summer 2024, displays her activity and energetic spirit – not only at work, but also in her spare time.  

For more information, please contact: 

Tuija Telén

Regional Mayor

+358 40 801 6009

In charge of Council activities, finances and administration, preparation of items to be processed by Regional Board

Appointment bookings: Assistant Hanne Koljonen, phone: +358 40 552 3152

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