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Get together for a cup of coffee!

Let us meet, enjoy each other’s company with a cup of something warm to make us feel good on this Spring Day!

We challenge municipalities, organisations, parishes and companies to arrange coffee sessions. A festive coffee session can be arranged at work, with the customers and inhabitants in various care and day centers. You can also enjoy your coffee at home, inviting your family and friends – and why not the neighbours, as well. Do it in your own style!

Small talk topics are found in the Regional Information about Uusimaa (pdf)(Will be opened in a new window). It might even inspire you to have a light-hearted quizz. Enjoy your coffee in good company!

Share your feelings of the day on social media #uusimaaday or #uusimaapäivä

Material for arrangers

Print the following material for your coffee session on the Uusimaa Day.

This page was last updated: 22.5.2024