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We invite you to enjoy culture, encounters and local nature together on 21 May, on Uusimaa Day

The Uusimaa Day is a new festive way to celebrate spring in May, for all of us in our Region. A festive day all around our own Region – for the first time on Tuesday 21 May 2024. We invite everyone to celebrate together and to take part in four spring challenges.

– We are united by the local environment, culture and other people. Getting together creates well-being, which we want to strengthen by arranging a day like this, as expressed by the Adviser for Cultural Affairs at the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Ms Katriina Rosavaara.

There are meetings, encounters and gatherings on Uusimaa Day, Let’s enjoy culture, nature and each other’s company. Let’s celebrate that what’s uniting us all. Let’s strengthen our feeling of togetherness and belonging, finding joy in versatility.

Four spring event ideas

Our four event challenges are meant for participants of all ages. We challenge local day care centres, schools, organisations and libraries to arrange events. Our website offers ready-to-use material in three languages.

  1. Children’s spring excursion is a hunt for natural symbols and other signs of spring.
  2. Adults drink coffee together, to celebrate this festive day of spring.
  3. Inspired by a photo challenge, all ages – but especially young ones, can make shoots of nice places in our own Region.
  4. Libraries are introducing regional literature and culture.

Spring Celebration online

This year, the City of Lohja is hosting the regional spring celebration, which will be a broadcast online on Tuesday 21 May, starting at 7 p.m. The event is in three languages and is also interpreted in Finnish Sign Language.

The spring celebration starts with the local all-girl rock band Safetybox. On behalf of the Youth Council, Venla Patinen will bring everyone greetings from the City of Lohja. The music of Amorphis is proudly presented by its vocalist Tomi Joutsen, together with the City Orchestra of Lohja. The performance is enlivened by sign language interpreter Miguel Peltomaa.

Yle Areena is streaming this celebration, to be seen everywhere in our Region.

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For more information, please contact:

Katriina Rosavaara


+358 40 562 2314

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