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Helsinki-Uusimaa in co-creation with European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council (EIC) GreenHouse Gas programme and Helsinki-Uusimaa Region have launched a joint co-creation initiative. To positively enable co-creation opportunities, the EIC and Helsinki-Uusimaa aim to promote innovative collaborations to drive progress and achieve mutual goals while developing key partnerships.

Focused on accelerating a viable green and digital transition in the region, the future development of Helsinki-Uusimaa relies on an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem and taking advantage of key business opportunities. In addition, Helsinki-Uusimaa has been selected European Entrepreneurial Region 2021–2022, projecting this green journey by creating an ideal environment for the sustainability-driven new generation of entrepreneurs.

Now, Helsinki-Uusimaa is interested in innovative technologies that can further speed up our journey towards carbon neutrality 2030. As a testbed for smart mobility in the region, the City of Helsinki and its internal logistics and utility works Stara together with the City’s innovation company Forum Virium have defined three challenges for this co-creation initiative.

Currently, the transport sector constitutes a major source of emissions, and hence, two of the three challenges seek to develop solutions for reducing transport emissions. The first challenge aims to collect better traffic data for improved traffic management, and the second to convert heavy goods vehicle serves from fossil fuel driven to electric. On the circular economy front, the third challenge is seeking to utilise automation and block chains for circular economy solutions.

Helsinki-Uusimaa together with the partners above are now looking for European innovators who can help us solve these challenges. The call is open for EIC beneficiaries throughout Europe until April 29. After that, the co-creation journey together with selected applicants will begin.

About the European Innovation Council and the GreenHouse Gas programme

The European Innovation Council is Europe’s flagship innovation programme which offers funding opportunities and other forms of support for the development and scale-up of breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations.

Its GreenHouse Gas programme is part of its business acceleration services, and within the programme, the EIC offers the support and expertise needed to assess, track and efficiently reduce the carbon footprint of beneficiaries and co-create new green services and business along the way.

For more information, please contact:

Simo Karetie

Project Manager

+358 40 837 5431

Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular Valley