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Young campaigners share new perspectives on regional climate work in Helsinki-Uusimaa

Attendees and interviewers in the event area.

While the Glasgow climate conference was going on, the Nordic Council of Ministers provided a public arena that through several events afforded participants an opportunity to give their input into the global warming debate, for the first time also in Helsinki.

On Friday 12 November and as part of this series of events, there was a discussion on the topic of Tackling climate challenges together – Solutions and tools from Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. It included the presentation of new climate solutions, models of cooperation, and tools from the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region.

Helsinki-Uusimaa has ambitious climate goals and plenty of solutions to offer. At the event, young climate activists reflected on the solutions and their impact. Regional players had requested the young to share their perspective on climate action. Every speaker at the event was interviewed by two young climate campaigners, Zahra Karimy and Ada Koistinen.

– It was great that this kind of event was organized and we were able to represent our generation. Some of the projects sound good but generally what the leaders of the companies and the public sector say is not in touch with reality. Global responsibility and unbalanced power relations should be taken into consideration in everything, say Karimy and Koistinen.

The presentation by our regional council included a model of cooperation, where the public and private sector, as well as R&D&I actors along with the inhabitants contribute to our climate change mitigation by acknowledging the limits of the environment. Furthermore, the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Porvoo presented their most impressive cooperative climate actions. Good tools for climate work were brought to the event by the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY, Kausal Oy and the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), as well.

Programme for Tackling climate challenges together – Solutions and tools from Helsinki-Uusimaa Region:

Tackling global and local challenges together

Tools for collaboration and accelerated pathway

More than 100 events in Helsinki and Glasgow by Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic countries have ambitious climate aims and their forerunner solutions were highlighted in various ways at the Nordic Pavillion events during the climate conference in Glasgow. Various climate themes were discussed, for example green energy, traffic, food system and fashion. The UK wanted this time to expand the participant groups to also include cities and regions, and not only states.

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